Merciless So-Called “Christian” Religious Groups and Luke 19:27

Are there religions that literally slays men? Here is an example:

Some groups who claim to be Christian have burnt people at the stake for disagreeing with them or being of another belief, i.e., Muslim, genuine (true) Christian, Jew, etc. Let’s look at some examples: One, Bruno Giordano championed the Copernican system of astronomy which placed the Sun, not the Earth, at the centre of the Solar System. He opposed the stultifying authority of the church and refused to recant his philosophical beliefs throughout his eight years of imprisonment by the Venetian and Roman Catholic Inquisitions and finally was burnt at the stake for saying the earth went around the sun.  (source – Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher by John J. Kessler, Ph.D., Ch.E)

(Courtesy of Iris89 the Preacher)Here’s another one. Remember that in the medieval period, the Catholic Church formulated the doctrine of Holy Inquisition, that will order all those who will refuse to convert to be put in chains, locked in dark abyss, burnt at stake, or tortured to death. In The Foreign Post March 16-22, Pope John Paul II asked for forgiveness from the sins of the Church, referred to the Crusaders, who burned 300,000 people on the stake (Spain only) in the Inquisition. But their Inquisition was not limited to Spain only. In total, they have slain and imprisoned more than thousands of families who refused to join Roman Catholicism. Continue reading