Tagalog Bible Audio to Ang Dating Biblia (1905) for Bible.is Android App

Do you want to enable the audio in the 1905 Tagalog Ang Dating Biblia for Bible.is app for Android?

Requirements & Tools Needed:

  1. Rooted Android Phone
  2. Sqlite Editor App
  3. MP3 Splitter/Joiner Program
  4. Mapalad ang Bumabasa Audio files

Download the Bible.is app in the Playstore and install it in your Android phone.


After installing, open the app, go to the downloads section. Select the “1905 Ang Dating Biblia Drama” and touch the download icon to download both the Old Testament & New Testament text.

Image    Image

Image      Image

When the download is complete, you may now read the Bible text offline but without an audio. To enable the audio, we have to modify the database of the Bible.is app by using a sqlite editor app. This app requires root access to modify the database of the Bible.is app so it a must that your android phone is rooted.

Open the sqlite editor and select the Bible.is app. The editor will now search for all the database available for this app.

Image     Image

The specific database to be access and modified is the “bibleis_content_db”


Select the “volume_table”


Below details will be shown:


Insert a “New Record” and type below details and save.


Pic12-27-2013-102209 Pic12-27-2013-102234 Pic12-27-2013-102435

The database is now modified and can recognize now the audio you will add for this version.

The Tagalog audio files available for this version are available in Mapalad ang Bumabasa Youtube Page. To download and convert them to mp3 audio files, go to http://www.vidtomp3.com/ and paste the specific youtube link (Book Chapter) to be converted.


Save and rename the converted mp3 audio files in this format:

B[book number]___[chapter number]_[Tagalog Book Name]_______TGLTABN2DA



Sometimes, the video posted are splitted if a particular chapter is long. After converting them, you need to combine these audio files into a single chapter.


You may also opt to removed the introductions in the audio files and start immediately with the actual Bible reading. Here is a sample edited audio file: B01___01_Mateo_______TGLTABN2DA


The converted audio files may now be transferred to your phone sdcard in the download/BibleAudio folder.

Open the Bible.is app and you will notice that there is now a play control button in the Tagalog Ang Dating Biblia (1905) version.

Pic12-27-2013-102540 Pic12-27-2013-103412

You may now enjoy reading and listening to this Tagalog Version of the Bible.

Rev 1:3 Mapalad ang bumabasa, at ang nangakikinig ng mga salita ng hula, at tumutupad ng mga bagay na nangasusulat doon: sapagka’t ang panaho’y malapit na.

Rev 1:3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

3 comments on “Tagalog Bible Audio to Ang Dating Biblia (1905) for Bible.is Android App

  1. Trek Wiseman says:

    Noon, user-friendly ang website ninyo. Meron kayong page kung saan makaka-search ako ng passage, i-type ko lang yung book and chapter and verse and i-scroll down ko yung choices ng Bible version na kelangan ko, at agad na lilitaw yung hinahanap ko.
    Ang bagong format ng site ninyo, puro download na di ko naman mabuksan, puro palyado pa ang mga passwords ninyo. Pwede po bang ibalik ninyo yung lumang feature na na-describe ko? Salamat nalang po.

  2. John Joshua Camat says:

    Merong po kayong audio bible tagalog na lumang tipan?
    Salamat marami. Patuloy kayong pagpalain ng Diyos

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