MySword – Pampango Bible (Ing Biblia)

mySword Bible in Kapampangan dialect

Pampango Bible (Ing Biblia) | mySword 2.x  | 1.90 MB


Download mySword App for Android to read this Bible

9 comments on “MySword – Pampango Bible (Ing Biblia)

  1. Galaxy says:

    I thing bible is ok

  2. Ipadia says:


  3. Healer says:

    This isvery usefull app

  4. eBay says:

    Greetings from Lithuania

  5. forex says:

    This is a very very valuable site. Thank you.

  6. Anglia says:

    A Marry Christmas

  7. Anglia says:

    A Marry Marry Christmas

  8. Allan Lacsina says:

    Bro, request po sana ako ng Pampango Bible para sa Android phone. SSD

  9. Renato A.Gana says:

    Can I request Pampango Bible…Thanks be to God

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