e-Sword – Cebuano Bible (Bugna)

The ‘Bugna’ version contains the original New Testament from 1917.

The ‘Bugna’ designation is derived from the Cebuano name given to the book of Revelation.

The New Testament text generally follows the same Greek Received Text, which was used as a basis for the King James Version. Because of its similarity with the KJV it is also called the Cebuano King James Version.

Cebuano Ang Biblia (Bugna) | e-Sword 9.x  | 2.41 MB



16 comments on “e-Sword – Cebuano Bible (Bugna)

  1. JP says:

    Yirmeyah, give us the password please of your RAR files, otherwise stop posting and uploading, kasi walang silbi mga uploads mo.

  2. aaron sio crater says:


  3. juliet says:

    Thanks for sharing such great resource. Kindly provide the password here. Anyone interested should have it readily. The bible should be free and readily available for people who hunger God’s words.

  4. Lolita kristiansen says:

    Thanks for bugna

  5. Jing says:

    the password is not working… but instead is is linking us to a AD viewer.. so sad..

  6. Elisa says:

    HTTP 404 Not Found… why is this po?? I really want to have this version..

  7. error not found the link you given.. pls help me i need this version..

  8. oliver says:

    This is the password cabb.yirmeyah.net . i found it out while checking his other bible version password format.. i hope it helps. Godbless

  9. ehlla says:

    why is this na hindi ko madownload? so sad

  10. RICHARD KHU says:

    Hi! please help me how to install cebuano e-sword Bible

  11. roge says:

    Shalom! please help me how to download the bible? thanks and Godbless.

  12. Mitch Go says:

    Cannot Download

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