Ilocano Bible

The Ilocano Bible, published in 1909, is the second Bible to to be published in any Philippine language, after the Tagalog which was published in 1905.

Ti Biblia: based on the American Standard Version and some available Spanish Versions

Ilocano Bible (Ti Biblia) | e-Sword 9.x  | 2.37 MB


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9 comments on “Ilocano Bible

  1. Rik says:

    Thanks much. I’ll be trying it.

  2. david angiwan says:

    asking for password to unzip how to skip this?

  3. john dagas says:

    password is needed, please send me.

  4. jaja trinidad says:

    Password needed…

  5. Novy D. Eslao says:

    password is needed….please..thanks

  6. harris says:

    Is the password send to Novy D. Eslao correct. i try it later thanks.

  7. harris says:

    Salamat po, d2 sa site na 2, nakakatolung po sa akin itong version ng BIBLIA sa aking pong pag aaral ng banal na kasulat. THANKS be to God.

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